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doing real sh*t with real people, living real lives. that's what I'm about. empowering the self made.

I’m someone who recognizes that through vulnerability comes human connection. Being vulnerable allows you to see you in the best possible form believe it or not. We’re not perfect, we’re all just navigating life, and  I want to navigate it with you. I offer education to every day stylists and entrepreneurs, but not just every day education. I offer mentality, outlook, and perspective to help you understand your skill set and appreciate yourself; aka know your worth. you're more than just being an entrepreneur - you're fuckin' self made. 
pain is growth, and growth is never comfortable. cut the shit, let's do this.


Tiffany, OH

"I always felt alone in the way I see and think about hair until I connected with Lisa. Her content is educational but she also brings elements of fun and transparency that I haven’t seen from other content creators."

Gentle Living

"She did a really good job! We had some edits we needed from the first video and she understood perfectly and created a fantastic final video for us. Thank you Lisa."

Rebekah, FL

"She has helped me build more confidence in myself as a hair stylist and taught me new interesting ways to change up my business structure. I feel like this is only the beginning of what Lisa pulls out of me"



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